Sunday, June 12, 2005

What's Going On Here?

No, that's not a question about the state of the world. As a new blogger here, I just figured that I should start with a brief explanation of what you can expect to find here: my thoughts on how societies, cultures, and organizations do work, could work, should work. I'll also venture, like a cat in a rocking chair showroom, into the world of psychology. How is that for an explanation?

Sociology, by the way, is the study of the structure and functioning of society, including social trends, organizations, culures, and social groups. Sociology is related to psychology, less so to social work. Sociologists do not try to fix people or solve their problems for them*. Clear enough? Good.

Here are some topics I plan to visit, revisit, and maybe move in with:

1. the social consequences of oversimplified thinking
2. new social arrangements and organizations
3. sustainable development
4. popular culture - good points and bad points
5. ideas, good and bad, that pervade society
6. commentary on enduring social issues like poverty and male-female relationships
7. commentary on family, education, science, other social institutions
8. causes and solutions of various environmental "problems"

* Some sociologists are focused on changing and/or critiquing social institutions. I'll be mentioning their views in future blogs.


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