Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Protect Yourself from Social Pollution

We buy air purifiers for our homes, and water filtration systems too! But how many people devote a significant amount of time or money to dealing with the bad ideas that bombard them daily? Okay, so the constant assault of bad ideas isn't nearly so worrisome as bird flu, global terrorism, or gas prices. I get it. Still, there seems to be an insidious little problem brewing here, one that we as individuals and as concerned members of society ought to consider doing something about.

What do I suggest? I'm glad you asked that because I do happen to have a few suggestions:

1. Critical thinking - Practice your critical thinking skills. I know you have them but the press of time, money, and many other concerns may lead you to neglect them. And that leads to another suggestion.

2. Know less - Ignorance is not blisss and knowledge is power, but information is not knowledge and we get too much information sometimes! Keeping up with too many events and issues takes away time from giving fuller consideration to the things that will really affect your life the most.

3. Vote with your wallet - Reward nonprofit organizations and companies that are reasonable and logical about what they do!

4. Create a fuss - Write letters and speak up at meetings. Speak out against social pollution at shcool and at work, but be civil about for the love of God! Oh, and support organizations that support reason and science.

And, if these steps are not ambitious enough for you, here is another suggestion: Maybe we need to create and promote new decision-making rules and guidelines, like "What would Jesus do?" as antidotes to social pollution.


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