Friday, December 30, 2005

More of "Business People are Crooks!"

Last time I mentioned the sources of our (negative) ideas about business people. The reasons why such an idea could develop and take hold are important to understand. We also need to understand the consequences of this perspective on the business world.

Several negative consequences of the idea come to mind:

1. Laws and policies come to reflect the attitude that business people are out to cheat or oppress people, resulting in unwarranted costs in money and hours of labor wasted on enfocing regulations and in complying with them.

2. Our behavior reflects an overly "dark" view of the business world (which is probably where we earn our living!). The result is money and time spent on watching employees and employers for signs of bad behavior that really aren't there.

3. Companies waste money and labor on managing their images.

4. We waste emotions, time, and money protecting ourselves from dishonest dealings that may, infact, be perfectly respectable.

On the plus side, lawyers make a killing by creating ways that we can get back at the "bad" corporations. Liberal pundits also kill thousands of trees a month writing about the sins of corporate America. Is it "cherry picking" situations that support a certain viewpoint, or a truthful analysis of the business world?

Next time:

Business is more efficient than government, we think.


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