Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Nature of Modern Societies

That's the next blog subject for Dr. Society - What ideas do we have about the nature of society? What are there social functions? How do we know if these ideas are good ideas? By that I mean they are logical, scientific, and supportive of widely-held human values.

Here are some of the ideas, or groups of ideas, I plan to write about:

1. We can improve our circumstances in life solely through our own efforts.
2. Progress in science and technology is good.
3. Economic growth is good.
4. Nationalism is good.
5. We live in a dangerous world.
6. We live in a denagerous society (especially relevant in the United States!).
7. Human sexuality is "bad"/dirty/sinful.
8. Retirement.
9. Direct democracy.
10. Reverence for nature/superior attitude toward nature - 2 opposing views.

I may add one or two more. Expect to see two or three posts, covering the idea, its social consequences, its personal consequences, and the mechanism that keeps it alive in society.

Remember that junk about widely-held human values? I'll explain myself in more detail. Health, family, personal liberty, education, and suffciency (more than poverty, less than substantial wealth) are some of those widely-held values. Of course, you philosophers and anthropologists can find some problems with that short list, but that's OK. I just felt the need to offer some point of reference when I return to the subject of values in future posts.

Next time: The idea of self-improvement, particularly as the idea applies to your economic circumstances.


Anonymous Lisa Says said...

Thank you for your efforts, I will read them more later :) Have you read The Social Role of Business, by Ridgway K. Foley, Jr??? It is amazing! Written in 1982, I wish everyone would read it. It clearly lays out the real purpose of business and consumers in society, and leads you to think in new ways and ask questions. :)


9:53 AM  

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