Saturday, May 27, 2006

Pollution Control - Loads of Fun!

No, this is not another call to clean up the earth, at least not in the way you were probably thinking.

I've written a few posts on the topic of social pollution - ideas that are counterfactual, illogical, or that undermine widely-held human values. Social pollution calls for pollution control. You don't want feces in your community's water supply. Hopefully, you don't want the intellectual equivalent of that either!

We need community groups that work on identifying social pollution in their communities and calling attention to it. Oh, and they would also be bold about identifying the sources of the pollution. You'd want to know who's contaminating the communities tap water with feces, wouldn't you? Aren't the ideas that go into peoples' heads, and form a basis for their lives, at least as important as clean tapwater?

These "pollution control" groups would have a variety of tools and tactics at their disposal. I'll just list some of them now and offer details in later posts. Groups members can publicize things through demonstrations, letters to the editor, comments at public hearings, or by starting public acccess television shows. I was focusing on low-cost things.

The groups would have two related goals: to raise the wuality of thinking that forms the foundation of voting behavior and public policy, and to call attention to the negative impacts of ideas on both our personal lives and our communities. The replacement of bad ideas with better ideas could also be taken up by these "pollution control" groups. I'll have to explain how that would work in future posts.

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