Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What causes terrorism?

The political answer is that terrrorism is caused by evil people who want to kill Americans or at least destroy our democratic, capitalist way of life. That's the sort of garbage that makes me hate politics. But, you and I have both heard similarly witless explanations of terrorism. Here are a few other explanations for terrorism:

1. Terrorists want to martyr themselves and go to heaven. (Where else can a guy get 72 virgins?)

2. The terrorists are people who will do absolutely anything to spread fundamentalist Islam.

3. The terrorists are genetically defective individuals.

4. The terrorists are products of a degenerate, primitive culture.

5. The terrorists are mentally defective individuals.

6. The terrorists are driven to insane behavior by demonic forces.

7. The terrorists are products of a culture that glorifies the struggle against infidels and offers little hope of economic success or stable family life for huge numbers of young people who are poorly educated and under the influence of authoritarian religious leaders who role in society is grounded in centuries of tradition.

8. Who cares! Terrorists are the enemy in a great clash of civilizations!

Guess which explanation is closest to the truth?

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