Sunday, December 03, 2006

Webcam Girls: Will They Destroy Western Civilization?

Most people about webcam girls, so you'll get either a blank look or a denunciation of moral decline in American society should you ask someone about them. I think you'd mostly just get blank looks from people. People certainly know about Internet pornography, of which webcam girls are a part.

In case you don't know much about webcam girls, I can give you the basics in a couple of sentences. Webcam girls (yes, there are also webcam guys) use cameras connected to their computers to transmit images of themselves to whomever wants to see them. Often people will connect their own cameras and have a two-way ideo connection with the webcam girl. Much of what happens is of a sexual nature. Let's just leave it at that, shall we?

You can see where the controversy arises. Is it really OK for people to do sexually explicit things in front of a webcam while strangers watch. Cultural conservatives and feminists would object for different reasons. Obviously what webcam girls do is a violation of traditional norms regarding sexuality. Feminists probably object for the same reason that feminists reject pornography - webcam sex shows objectify women. So, let's just note that these religious/moral objections exist and get on with asking some sociological questions.

I like counting things. Maybe it comes from being mildly autistic. Maybe I want the modicum of respect that comes from doing things in a mathematically rigorous fashion. If you are the same sort of person you are probably wondering how many of the webcam girls, and guys exist. You may also be wondering if most of them are in the United States and Canada. I'm also curious about the breakdown of age and education. Are most of the webcam girls college students who are earning some extra money using their webcam.

Why do webcam girls do what they do, besides the obvious potential to make money. Why do people pay money to communicate with these girls? Couldn't they use their time and money more productively? Are the customers all college guys or fat, middle-aged losers? I'm guessing that the truth is a bit more complicated but the details will have to be worked out...somehow. Nobody is going to be eager to talk about their sexual Internet adventures in person or possibly even in a questionnaire. The customers could be surveyed using a clever and discrete technique similar to the following:

Include in your questionnaire two questions with one place to check "Yes" and one place for "No" so that there is no way of determining which question the person answered. One question pertains to something both innocuous and easily checked. The other question could be something like; "Have you ever engaged in sexuial activities while chatting online with a woman who was using a webcam?".

The other question could ask if the person has a college education or rents their home or something that could be checked out using public records.Find out what percentage of the population rents and compare that percentage with the percentage of yes answers to the webcam visit question. If 48% of the population rents and 56% answered "Yes" then you can estimate that 8% have engaged in sexually explicit conduct with a webcam girl. OK, maybe they actually visited a webcam guy. The question might need to be written so it is gender neutral: "Have you ever engaged in sexual behavior while chatting with someone who was using a webcam to trasmit images to you?"

I know that webcam girls and visits to them are looked upon negatively by most everyone in the United States. I wonder if Europeans feel the same? Australians and New Zealanders? Canadians? Japanese?

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Blogger Tim said...

I think its probably fair to say that everyone looks at them the same, by everyone I mean like you asked Europeans, Australians etc. I am from the UK, my own personal opion is as long as everyone is of consenting age to have sex and watch Pornography (so even though in the UK you can have sex at 16 i would say the 'right' age is 18) and everything else remains legal then that's they're choice. If you don't like it quite simply don't do it. Myself, no i havn't (and thats the honest truth) but I wouldnt hold it against anyone and I can understand why young people do it especially out of curiosity. Ether they do this or give them no option but go sleeping around to get the kick..

I would also like to see the results!

7:36 PM  
Blogger quid negote said...

We all engage in sexual activities, it's a part of life,and the majority of us masturbate according to most research. So it seems logical we would look for sexual stimulus to aid in the experience
It doesn't take long looking at a cam girls twitter pages to know there is a wide cross section of people using there services, it's the same with the girls themselves, there's a girl for every taste.
As for how many, good question that's how I found this blog looking for the answer to that.
It's to bad we have a hard time talking about sex, it's one of the most pleasurable aspects of life. We all spend a large part of our lives trying to get it, and it's hard wired in our heads to procreate. So doesn't seem logical we could talk about something we spend so much of our time and energy trying to achieve.

9:01 PM  
Blogger Jacob Povolotski said...

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10:22 AM  
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Blogger Smokie TheOne said...

When you say we are looked at negatively by most people in America, where is the data? What are the percentages? How was the question worded? Questions can be asked in such a way that the outcome can be directed towards the answers we seek. To dispel the myth that the visitors are losers with no social skills, I will tell my story.I am a 46 year old single man with a college education and run a successful business. I also visit webcam sites regularly. Why, you ask. Well, after a divorce after a seventeen year marriage (which ended because my ex informed me I was not a good enough Christian as she ran off with a better Christian) and several short term failed relationships I decided to take a break from dating and work on myself. Being single I do get lonely at times as well as horny. I am not interested in one night stands. Not because they are wrong, it's just my personal preference. Using porn as a visual stimuli while masturbating is great but was getting boring. Way too passive. I then decided to try the webcam sites and soon realized they were much more enjoyable than regular porn. The difference? Sexual human interaction. In addition to discovering a lot about myself I soon realized the stereo typical view of webcam models is so far from correct it is ridiculous. A vast majority of the girls I've met on these sites are intelligent, educated individuals who are, like the rest of us, working to make a living. Many of them enjoy what they do and get to meet many new and interesting people every day they work. There are even a few that I have actually become good friends with therefore the experience is much more rewarding than I thought it would be. If I am horny and want an amazing sexual experience, I visit the cam sites. If I'm bored and want a stimulating conversation I head to the cam sites. Yes I have paid to have several hours of non sexual, interesting conversations with some amazing and intelligent girls. Most of the conversations are more interesting than some of the conversations I have with friends outside of the webcam world. Since I have a large group of people to visit with I get to talk to people from around the globe I am not limited to visiting with people from the US only. Yes they are getting paid but I also get the feeling they do care about me to a certain extent. Someone once made the comment that if they cared, they wouldn't expect me to pay. I asked that person if I could visit him at work the next day and have him clock out of work while we talked. His reply was, no I can't do that, I am working. If a face to face friend that I've known for well over 10 won't do that how can I expect someone I've only known for a few month to do that? Being on camera is her job. Why should her income be affected because I want to visit? The idea that we should exchange numbers and talk by phone was also brought up. First of all, for their safety, I won't even ask. I know if I had outside contact with them they would be safe. But the world is not full of people just like me. There are not so safe people that can fake being nice but if given outside contact information could use that information to do harm. These young ladies need to lookout for their safety. Most sites have strict rules about sharing contact information with members as a safety precaution. My point being that the conversations I pay for are more often than not more rewarding than I can get at the local cafe or bar. Long periods of time can go by between visits but a few of the girls seem generally happy to see my username come up on their screen and ask about things we visited about weeks before.

Before I end up writing a book I should make my point. Webcam girls are not destroying western civilization or anything else for that matter. They are people like you and I who go to work to earn a paycheck to pay bills. They are not strung out druggies or crack whores trying to score their next fix. If a majority of the US population view either them or myself negatively, then I live in the wrong country.

10:43 PM  
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